Despicable Me 3 Movie Review

Despicable Me 3 (7.5/10 stars)

Cast: Steve Carell, Trey Parker, Pierre Coffin, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove

Director: Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda




The menacing Gru is back once again with his sly minions in another feel-good comedy movie filled with your favorites such as: minion fart jokes, movie references, and love for unicorns. After getting fired from his job, Gru flies to meet his long-lost brother, Dru , and repays for the time they lost as twins. Together, they will defeat Balthazar Bratt, a forgotten tv-show star that wants revenge on Hollywood. We see all sorts of familiar faces this time around, while being introduced to some new ones.

Despicable Me 3 isn’t a bad movie. It has enough jokes to keep you somewhat awake to its very small undeveloped plot that is only what you literally can dream of. The movie does not really extend that much. It is basically the method of plotpoint to plotpoint, not mix-and-match to keep their audience surprised. Long story short, what you expect is what you will see. I wouldn’t say it disappointed me, because I never really even had high expectations for a third animation movie in a trilogy. That’s just them basically saying we fooled you with the second movie, we can fool you again.  (but in this one, there is an added spinoff movie). It just shows that when your first movie is successful, all the other sequels and spinoffs will be. Especially for animation, especially for that genre. I mean who am I to contradict that, I am the one who chose this movie over Transformers: The Last Knight and Everything, Everything. I am now going to break down the points of the movie and how I feel about it. This isn’t a Michael Bay movie, thus it won’t be that long.

What I didn’t seem to be amused about the movie was the plot; the movie’s writing, editing, and the direction where it was going. The writing was okay, it didn’t bring much new to the table. However, in a sense, the plot was new and I liked the origins of the villain, Balthazar Bratt, and his plans in bringing revenge into his once-loved home, Hollywood. Direction however is the same too, plot pieces didn’t quite fill the puzzle perfectly. It was everywhere, and it didn’t go somewhere new. Let me repeat it again, what you expect is what you will see.

However, not all things about the movie was bad. The soundtrack that accompanied suits the movie very well with Pharell William’s noticeable voice accompanying the minion’s schemes. However, I somehow was a bit irked when I heard that they used the timeless iconic song, Bad, by Michael Jackson in both trailers and movie. In spite of that, the whole soundtrack accompanies the feel of the movie quite well. Each character brings its own light to the movie, whether they’d be supporting or main. Though the movie plot went off a bit sketchy, the movie is well-balanced through the characters. The voice acting was great. However, I feel like they changed the voice actress of Agnes, don’t you think? Maybe they changed her due to voice change from puberty or something.

Gru still stays as lovable as he can be, with his care for his three daughters and even his minions. There is nothing really holding back Gru in this movie. Throughout the three movies, you can see a development in his attitude, growing softer and gentler to the ones he love which also leads him to work for the good guys. Gru definitely does not play the clumsy klutz in this movie. That torch is handed down to his twin brother, Dru. Having no sense in the ways of villainy, Dru gets into a lot of trouble causing to be a pain in the ass to Gru and his plans. Dru is the complete opposite of Gru; bubbly, flexible, has hair. On the other hand, the rest of Gru’s family are not given that much of character development. The three daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes does not participate as much as from the first and second movies. There are more of side plot characters to make the movie long enough. Same with Lucy, her affiliation of being an agent is never really used. However, I did like how the story of her working hard into being accepted as a mother to the three daughters was continued in the third movie. What I like about the trilogy is how their message of parental love has flourished through all of the movies. The minions, oh the minions. AREN’T THEY JUST THE CUTEST THING. But I guess not cute enough to save this movie? I don’t know.

Despicable Me 3 is good enough – for you, for me, for your kids. So go ahead, watch the hell out of it, or don’t; because no matter what, it will still earn more than most oscar-nominated movies.

I give this movie……..7.5/10 stars!

( please accept my deepest apologies to my really bad writing and most probably incorrect grammar! I am working on it, I promise I’ll get better XD)

All rights go to Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.


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