Senior High Exam Review Tips

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

College Entrance Exam Season is nearing again, and with that comes Senior High too! Let me explain it’s like pre-college with the same mind-wrenching pray-hard entrance tests. Isn’t that just great? I can’t really tell if the competition is tougher this time. Although most schools are now offering their own senior high, many are still applying to the senior high of Ateneo, La Salle, UST, and other school known for being a great college. They do this to give them an upper-hand when applying for that college. However, in top schools such as Ateneo, they only offer at most 300 students for Grade 11 giving less chance into getting accepting. Many students are now studying for these senior high exams like they will do in college. Review centers are offering classes and books too.

Since I myself will also be applying for those exams, I also need to study hard and make “diskarte”. Salvaging how much time I have left for this summer, I am going to use it reviewing for  the upcoming senior high exams. What I hate is that the school that I most aspire to be accepted to has the earliest exam date! With that, Ateneo also requires the applicants to submit an autobiography. Frankly my dear dream school, nothing exciting has happened yet in my life. Yeah, I did some things here and there, but not enough to have a heartfelt MMK episode. This really is a threat, since I know how many of my age has accomplished so much. Nevertheless, I am still going to try my best getting a seat into that prestigious school-for my parents, myself, and my future endeavors.

What are my plans you ask into reviewing for these exams?? (well, duh erica, we clicked this because of the title) Here are some things I will be doing to helping my review. You can also take this as tips for your Senior High review plan.

  1. Review Classes

Well, after researching and checking a plethora of very good review centers. I have come into terms to two review centers. Initially, I was just going to register to one review center that can consume my entire summer. However, most classes were finished or starting by the time I checked. So I checked the tutorial approach which was the one on one classes. It was way too heavy for our budget. It was too heavy for our budget ( I didn’t want to spend that much since there is no guarantee I could even pass the exams).


The first one I will be taking is a 20 hour tutorial approach in Tutorlink at Congressional-which is actually based in my old school, John Dewey.  Compared to other review centers, this one was cheaper costing us P7000. If ever so I liked the service and wanted to continue, I could add another 10 hours costing P2000. My classes would be at 1:00 to 5:00 pm on Friday or 8:00 to 12:00 am on Saturday. I am expecting good results from this review center since my brother also went to tutorlink for his college exam review and was happy with the experience.



The next review center I applied to was LSC (Loyola Student Center) in Katipunan. The reason why I picked this is Ateneo, which is my top choice, is affiliated with Loyola Student Center, hence the place where Ateneo sits be called Loyola Heights. The one I paid for is a 40 hour refresher course, meaning it is a run through about all the things  will be encountering in the exam. This time, my refresher course is centralized and only for the ASHAPE (Ateneo Senior High Admission Placement Exam), hence why I picked it. Although it is 40 hours long, it only costs as much as Tutorlink, which is P7000-since it is a class. I also of course chose this because it fit my schedule well.

There was a lot of review centers I have considered heavily.



Many of my batchmates have enrolled in MSA review center classes and the center has very good reviews, hence initially making it my top choice. Like what said before, I don’t have much of a big budget. So when we contacted MSA and they said the tutorial approach was worth P25,000 (which was way too much for my mom’s wallet to bear), I decided to look for other review centers.



Ahead was the next review center we checked. I had a very positive feeling when we went inside its Katipunan branch due to Ahead being a very known review center. Although it had good reviews and great facilities, we had the same problem with MSA-it was way too expensive. One hour was already P1000. So yeah, that too was crossed off my list.

I really hope that the two review classes that I chose would really help me pass the exams and be worth the payment

2. Review Books



I will be buying books from MSA and possibly AHEAD and LSC to give me enough review material for the rest of the week. I will also be using my old English, Math, and Science books from school-from Grade 7 to 9. An advantage of having an older brother is that you already have old review books at your house! I found some old MSA and Tutorlink review books that hopefully I can still use. Review books are a good tool to use so you can also study at home

3. Review Apps

In addition to all of that, I have downloaded apps that can help me in reviewing. This is extremely helpful especially when I am not at home and I don’t have my review books with me. If I have some time to kill in the car or waiting for my mom at the grocery, I could go to my phone and challenge myself through review tests with the apps I downloaded.



The first one I downloaded in my phone was Zookal. I first heard about Zookal when I was watching a youtube video of Lloyd Cafe Cadena, endorsing it to be a really good review app. So when I was thinking about downloading apps, Zookal was the first one I could think of. Zookal is an app that gives you daily questions according to which exam you will be taking-whether it be a college exam or a senior high exam. I have been really liking this app since it also gives explanation to most answers of questions.



Another app I downloaded is MCAT Next Step, which is also for free. This one is centralized on Science so I obviously have not started on that one yet. However, as I see the app, it looks very helpful offering review tests in all part of science (Gen. Science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) I am hoping this would be really helpful since Science is the field I really need to work on.



The last one I downloaded was JogNog. What I particularly like about this app is that it really offers all tests from Grade 1 to Graduate Exams so that I can even test my very basic knowledge. It helps me slowly, in every single step. The app is also very engaging-more like a game really. You earn towers every single game/test you finish. I also have very high expectations for this.

*This three apps also have websites with many more various review tests and lessons so I will be checking and using that too.

4. Know the coverage of your test

If you will only take the ASHAPE, then don’t study Science, you are just wasting your time. Each Senior High School has its own coverage so check it and then work on it. For example, ASHAPE will be based on ACET so the coverage will be: English, Math, and Reasoning. D-SHAPE’s coverage are the following: Abstract Reasoning, Language Proficiency, Reading Comprehension, Science, and Mathematics. USTET SHAPE are the following: Math, Science, and English (though I am not sure if there will be an aptitude test).  This would really help you in knowing the pattern of the test.

5. Time management

This means a lot of things. Time management in a way that you should allocate some of your time in reviewing for these tests. Most of you have started school. So it would be best to have at least an hour every day after school or take a few hours in studying during the weekend. However, people like me will be starting school on August. So use your summer wisely.  Time management also in a way practicing how you answer the exam. Ateneo is known for only giving limited time to students during the entrance exam, making applicants pressured. Ateneo only allots one minute per math problem.

6. Believe in yourself

A lot of people forget about this once exam season comes up. They get worried and sleepless at night. Being positive is super important, giving you a positive and healthy mindset. When you let negativity absorb you, you forget everything-including all the things you studied. It will surround you so much that you will end up stressing rather than studying. This is a major key that everyone should remember, expecially during CET season. Trust me, all of this tips will not work if you don’t believe in yourself.

7. Pray, Pray, Pray

By far, the most important thing to do during the CET season. You are not doing this by yourself. Knowledge and strength doesn’t come from you, it comes from God. All God asks for in return is to have a strong relationship with Him. We should always gives thanks for Him, after we wake up and before we sleep. All the quizzes and seatworks that we passed in High School was not because of us, it was because of Him. So the strongest suit that we can have is to ask for his guidance and strength this CET season. Having a strong relationship with Him will also give you a healthy mindset. When you fill yourself in the morning with God’s Word, you will feel energized and strengthen to review. So if all else fails, pray pray pray and everything will be okay. 🙂

So there it is, I really hope that this tips will help you as it will hopefully for me. Actually, I am also will be applying for senior high schools this year, so this tips are not actually tested yet. However, this tips has been used by many applicants of past year and had good results. Anyways, I really hope and pray that everyone will get into the senior high school they wish to be. Just always remember, pray and pray and everything will be okay! Thank you so much for reading. God Bless!


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