Thank You Tony Awards 2017

*yes, yes, I know-the Tony Awards was like a month ago. However, i just started this blog a week ago and when I stumbled on this note in my notes app, I just had to post it.


The things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.

– Ben Platt at the 71st Tony Awards

71st Tony Awards – Show
Ben Platt wins Best Actor in a Leading Role in Musical Award at the 71st Tony Awards

Congratulations Ben for winning Best Actor in a Musical. Thank you so much for bringing life to the awesomely awkward Evan Hansen. Thank you for that powerful speech you gave in the Tony Awards that I will truly bring with me always. Ever since Hamilton: An American Musical, my satisfaction for musicals have since been deteriorated because Hamilton set the bar high. However Dear Evan Hansen changed it for me and I felt in touch with what musicals really do for me-give me a sense of hope in a world some might say be worse than Trump. Dear Evan Hansen is truly a musical we need right now. Not only does it give great songs to listen in the shower, but touches us about the crippling state of what our teen society is facing in this day and age. From Evan’s social anxiety attacks to the impact of what social media has, you truly will be leaving the theater (or your laptop) with a message and a better sense of mind. My words can’t even amount to how much gratitude I have for this musical.

Alex Lacamoire wins Best Orchestrations at the 71st Tony Awards

The fact that Alex Lacamoire-the orchestrator of Hamilton-also leaded Dear Evan Hansen, is another reason why Lacamoire is a gem in this world. Congratulations to Mr. Alex for winning Best Orchestrations two years in a row (Alex Lacamoire won Best Orchestrations last year for his work in Hamilton:An American Musical)!

Ben Platt performs “Waving Through A Window” from Dear Evan Hansen at the 71st Tony Awards

Dear Evan Hansen is a must-see. From great performances from Ben Platt and Laura Dreyfuss to its timely message, this musical will leave you in the edge of your seats. Congratulations again to the whole cast and production of Dear Evan Hansen with winning big in the 71st Tony Awards. Wow, your hands are really full with those 6 awards!

Bette Midler wins Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical Award at the 71st Tony Awards. All rights go to Just Jared


I want to congratulate Hello Dolly too as their hands are really full with being the second musical to win most awards. Thank you Bette Midler for that hilarious speech after receiving the Best Actress in a Leading Role in Musical Award. Finally, someone talked about that annoying orchestra that cuts everyone’s speech. Give them a break!

I also enjoyed the musical previews from different musicals. What really caught my eye was the song preview from the revival Miss Saigon sang by Eva Noblezada. It was such a pleasure seeing Miss Saigon being played again in theatre. If you didn’t know, I am a big Lea Salonga fan-who portrayed Kim in the original West End Cast of Miss Saigon on 1989. So seeing her on stage now presenting rather than performing really gives me nostalgia feels.

I also want to acknowledge Kevin Spacey’s great hosting. The monologue might started a bit dull though,well we can’t really blame him since the James Corden monologue last year was hard to top. Nevertheless he didn’t disappoint with his hilarious costume changes throughout the entire show portraying different famous people such as the following: Bill Clinton, John Carson-and even his character from House of Cards-Frankie Underwood!


The show ended with Lin-Manuel Miranda announcing Dear Evan Hansen as the winner of the Best Musical. Congratulations again to all the winners!

If you didn’t get to watch the 71st Tony Awards, please watch a replay because it is truly a must-see!






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