Youth Camp 2017

1 Timothy 4:12

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

An eye-opening 4 days is how I would summarize it. I didn’t expect it to be impacted with such great messages as I was when I went home. I have to really commend on the creativity and hard work the GCC Staff put in this camp. This year, the theme was Leveling Up Your Faith or #1up. I really loved the video game aesthetic that accompanied the theme as it was very engaging. In spite of the whole camp experience being so amazing and enjoyable, some stood out that I enjoyed and loved more. Here are a few (just kidding, it’s a lot) things that I really liked

  1. The people

Everyone was so friendly. Approach anyone and expect a kind response. For those four days, everyone treated each other as family. Even though we came from different grades/backgrounds, we really connected and even made new friends.

2. Counseling

with my counselor, Shallum Lee. Taken after our counseling session.
They told us on the first night that every camper will be having a counseling session with the small group leader.  I really didn’t expect it to be as deep as it went. Giving godly advices, my counselor was very kind and help me slowly dissect all the problems I was facing-whether be family, friends, or future. I thought it would only last for 15 minutes but mine ended to be a 50 minute long sesh (but it was worth it.)

3. The food!

Capture 10.PNG
I am sorry, I don’t have a picture of the food. But here is a pic of the dining hall where we ate!
Tbh, I was expecting the food to be crappy-having only one option for each meal. However….the food was delicious! They had at least three options of “ulam” for every meal with a side soup and fruit! My favorite was their scrambled eggs (it was so soft).


ok, let me explain. We needed to be on time for each session. If ever someone was late, his entire group will have a consequence. The whole camp was video game themed, hence the consequences be too. One group needed to jump and run like Mario while another group needed to walk like zombies (Plants vs Zombies)! The staff even did a consequence too!

5. The place

The retreat that we stayed in-which was CCT Tagaytay-was surprisingly pleasant. The center had tons of accommodations to offer. There were two basketball courts, a game room, a pool table, and my personal favorite-a trampoline! The place had amazing views of Tagaytay too. It was nice walking down and up the small hills (and not gonna lie, taking tons of pictures.) It was very refreshing from the city life. At night, there was a cold breeze and reminded me a lot of Baguio :).

6. The Mario Kart Game

Our first power-up activity was the real-life Mario Kart game. As it was mandatory for every member to participate, I played and it was actually really easy for me since I am very light XD. My favorite part was when people fell on their face or butt from the kart. They even made a video montage of people falling on the last day!

7. The Pac-Man Invasion Game

This was the game that all of us were waiting for. We did this on the third day and started at 9:30 PM. The jest of the game was we were Pac-Man and we need to run away from the many ghosts surrounding the retreat center. We also need to finish every game, many of which are the following: Paper Toss, Tetris, 4 Pics 1 Word, Draw Something, and many more! The game was more complicated as there were power pellets, cherries, tokens, and ads!

*Sorry I don’t really have pics from the actual game, I forgot to take pictures hehe

8. Sessions with bok su ❤

In total, we had 5 sessions with bok su/ Reverend Stephen Tan. All of the sessions were connected; it was all about leveling up your faith. Each session was different yet all of them made me ponder about the state of my spiritual life-which was well needed to be fixed. Reverend Stephen Tan is such a great pastor to the youth. He always had and he will always be :).

*Using of phones during sessions were strictly restricted so I could not take pictures

9. Workshops

I loved that the two workshops were centralized on emotional state-of-mind which is what the youth really needs. Most of us are battling early depression and peer pressure and the eagerness to be accepted in the form of having more followers or more FB friends. The workshops were thought-provoking in terms of social media use and human disconnection.

*Using of phones during workshops were also restricted XD

In one of the Devotional Stops, Jerusalem. For the strength of my relationship with God, I sacrificed something in return.

10. Devotion/Devotional Stops

By far, my favorite activity or thing that happened in Youth Camp. Basically from Day 2 to 4, we had devotional stops after breakfast. Each devotional stop is named after a place in the Bible and has their own theme according to the Scripture. For example, one stop is named Bethany and it is the place of friendship. My favorite was Bethany. That devotional stop struck me the most and it even made me shed a tear while MarkTee Hia was telling us that whenever we feel lonely, just always remember that you can find a friend in Jesus. 🙂 (I really really needed that, thank you MarkTee Hia.)

Here is some of my favorite pics from camp! please read the captions hahaha

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there it is! Yes, I know it’s a lot. Well, it’s just that I enjoyed Youth Camp so much, I loved every single bit of it! I want to say thank you to the GCC Youth Ministry Staff  (especially JP Hia) for making this camp extra memorable. I know all of you worked really hard into making this camp as fun and engaging as it can-and trust me, it was really fun. :)Of course, I also want to thank the almighty King for this camp because all of this can’t be possible without Him. His grace and mercy has truly brought me through and everyone those past 4 days. I believe that I became a stronger Christian through this camp. I will truly treasure all the things this camp taught me <3. I hope that I can join Youth Camp again next year (if possible hehe). Thanks a lot for reading. God Bless. Bye!

*Youth Camp 2017

June 21-24, 2017

CCT Tagaytay


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